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Name:fannish love for Neil Gaiman and his work
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:fanfiction for & discussion of Neil Gaiman's various works of fiction

Prince of Stories

[community profile] princeofstories is a community for the discussion of, geekery over, and fic about Neil Gaiman's various works of fiction. Naturally, there may be some discussion of the man himself--and even some fic about him, if you're into that sort of thing.

In short, we're here to fangirl (or fanboy!) Neil Gaiman like whoah, and maybe play in his sandbox, if only because we, I repeat, fanperson Neil Gaiman like whoah.

Making Friends and Influencing People (Or, Making Closer Friends Than Even Mr. Croup And Mr. Vandemar; Or, Not Being A Douchebag Where The Community Can See It)

Step one:

At least try not to be a douchebag.

Step two:

Do not spam the community! Please no more than two entries back-to-back. Please do not make separate posts to reply to someone's post--keep your comments to that post. Also do not advertise non-Gaiman related things in this community.

Step three:

Do not, do not, do NOT disable, freeze, screen, or delete comments (including your own, unless you're just deleting & reposting to fix a minor error like broken code). Don't delete your own posts or edit them to remove or alter the original text. If you believe something needs to be taken down, contact a moderator. (That kind of behavior is a bannable offense. You get one warning and then you're out, capisce?)

Step four:

Prove the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory wrong! Do not troll. Do not flame someone for disagreeing with you. In general, try to keep wank to a minimum.

Step five:

Use cut tags for fanfiction or for long posts. FAQ on cut-tags is over here

Step six:

Do not bitch about spoilers. Most of these books and comics have been out for years. The Sandman has been around for decades. Conversely, noting that a post discusses The Graveyard Book in intimate, spoilery detail is probably a good idea. (Another good topic to avoid? Shadow's real name. Not everybody's read "The Monarch of the Glen.") And don't spoil people in your one-line summary or your cut tag, please.
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